Hello Again, World

My name is really Liam, but I’ve assumed the identity of my long lost cat.

New Years, with all the attendant guilt surrounding our personal inadequacy is upon us. So why not restart blogging. I need the practice writing again. If my friends find me that’s great. If the scoundrels from the depths of hell do, that’s ok too. I’m just going to have to moderate my comments. 

I’m inclined to believe that Facebook is a bit of a minefield these days. As much fun as it is to keep in touch with family and long lost friends, the constant state of outrage, the diminishing collective intelligence, and the manipulative bastards, I think it’s time to go back to older, less stressful ways to interact online.

I’ll try to be silly and serious. I can go into more depth about what’s going on. Posting more than a sentence or two involves a bit more thought, and I’m happy for the mental exercise. I’m the guy you don’t ask “how are you?” sometimes. I might have to tell you.

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  1. If this is a typical example of your writing, then you really have to continue putting your musings, and serious thoughts down on “paper”.I admit I enjoyed your “just another blog” immensely. Don’t worry about the bastardos taking your writing down or censoring it as you can always find another virtual space to express yourself…….or you could always self publish a book if you gather enough material and ambition.Your mind is worth exploring and sharing some of it with us.Yes reduce your stress level,by all means ,and still be able to interact with the virtual denizens of the Internet .I do look forward to more Othercat.

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